Top 4 Ways to Generate Moving Leads Through Organic Google Rankings

In the moving industry, getting solid leads is crucial to booking jobs and making money. Gone are the days when you could place an ad in the paper or play a commercial on local television and expect to have people beating down your door for your moving services. Today, customer leads are all about who is dominating local internet search results. To keep leads coming in and your moving trucks busy, it’s imperative that you have a digital marketing strategy in place. We teamed with Moonraker Marketing, an Austin SEO company that specializes in local search, to bring you the top 4 strategies for boosting the number of moving leads you have coming in.

1. Dominate Search Results

When trying to find a moving company, most people will now hop on their phones or open the web browser on their tablet or laptop to begin their search. According to, approximately 36% of these users will go to a search engine, like Google, and type in a search phrase like “movers near me”, “City X moving company”, or “cheap movers City X”. Others will go to a specific site related to moving, read customer reviews on platforms like Yelp or Angie’s List, or look in a local business directory. When considering your digital marketing strategy, it’s important that you dominate local search. Most consumers will only look at the first 10 search results to select their moving company. If you aren’t one of those, they likely won’t go to the effort to find you. Marketing experts like Moonraker help businesses achieve these local rankings. They promote search engine optimization techniques that help get their clients ranked. Once you see rankings, you’ll see a lot more traffic to your site, and many more moving leads to follow up on.

A lot of customers turn to the internet when looking for a moving company. Make sure they can find you in local search results!
A lot of customers turn to the internet when looking for a moving company. Make sure they can find you in local search results!

2. Consider AdWords

Implementing a long-term search engine strategy takes time; the results don’t just appear overnight. In the meantime, if you’re in need of immediate lead generation, you may want to consider using Google AdWords. Google gets 82% of the US paid search ad spend, which makes sense, since it’s estimated that around 75-80% of internet users use Google as their default browser. While Google AdWords is expensive, and consequently best used as a short-term strategy, it can generate high quality leads to give you the boost you need while waiting for your SEO campaign to take off. For local search, there are usually 2-3 advertisements placed above and below the organic search results. On mobile search, Digital Marketing Ramblings estimates that the click through rate on ads in the first position have a 27.7% click through rate, compared with 19.3% on desktop. Click-through rates for most moving markets are generally in the $15-$25 range per click, so it isn’t cheap.

3. Convert Traffic to Leads

Once you actually get traffic to your site, you need to have every method possible in place to actually get leads. Here are 4 things every moving company website should have in place:

  • Phone number: Prominently display your company’s phone number at the top of the homepage. Many customers, especially those on mobile, prefer to just call and speak with an agent to check availability and get a quick ballpark estimate. Make sure someone is always manning the phone lines so you don’t miss out on these calls. You may want to consider a phone answering service like Ruby Receptionists, that can take down critical client information after hours or during peak calling times when your sales team is unavailable.
  • Quote form: Add a quote form to your site that enables customers to get a hassle-free quote with some basic information about their move.
  • Contact page: Make sure you have a contact page with all of your business’ contact info, including a map of your location, your phone number, an email address, and links to your social profiles. Having easy to find contact information makes it easy for customers to contact using their preferred channel.
  • Chat widget: Some people just hate talking on the phone, but like the idea of a live chat widget that lets them get real time information while multi-tasking. In fact, in a study by Ecoconsultancy, 21% of customers prefer live chat to other methods of communication. Chat widgets are easy to add to your site, and can be a great tool for sales people to relay information to potential customers that wouldn’t otherwise call for a quote.
Get your customers talking about you on review platforms like Yelp, Google+, or Facebook.
Get your customers talking about you on review platforms like Yelp, Google+, or Facebook.

4. Get Reviews

Many consumers look to other customer’s reviews on Yelp or Google+ to determine which moving company appears to have the best services and customer satisfaction. If you haven’t already, it is absolutely essential that you take ownership of these pages, and start getting reviews. Follow-up with customers post-move and ask them to consider leaving feedback on their moving experience. You’ll be surprised at how many are eager to help if you’ve performed a great service. These glowing reviews of a job well-done will ultimately drive other potential customers to give your service a shot.

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