Vateud is an alliance of professional movers from across the country who have united to promote the interests of the moving industry, while adhering to ethical business conduct that protects the integrity of the supplier-customer relationship. Find out how you can become a member today.

Mission Statement

To promote the interests of the U.S. moving industry, while safeguarding its reputation through ethical business practices.

Goals and Objectives

To foster ethical business conduct and promote high standards of customer service among members who engage in both residential and commercial moving services. We achieve our mission through the following:

  • Regulations: Working with state and federal governments to ensure that industry regulations are adequate to maintain the reputation of the industry, without becoming overly onerous or burdensome to conduct productive business.
  • Resources: Sharing education and resources among member companies for the purposes of employee training and promoting industry best practices.
  • Roadways: Working with local governments to ensure the safety of roadways for our vehicles and drivers.
  • Reporting: Helping identify and report companies who fail to comply with licensing regulations, in order to protect both the reputation of the moving industry and prevent the potential harm to consumers.

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